I’m very proud to announce that my anticipated debut fiction novel is now available! Click here to purchase!

Writer. Published author. Avid Traveler. Entrepreneur. Travel Agent. Child and Youth Advocate.

Those are just some of the titles I identify with.

Yes, the website is named after me, but really and truly, it’s designed for you! There are travel services, but my aim is also to inspire and motivate through the content I post; whether it be a blog, video or an event I’ll be hosting.

I was born, raised and currently reside in Toronto, Canada, but my goal is to travel to as many different places as possible, and leave an impact while I’m there; perhaps by volunteering with a local organization, or speaking at a conference…doesn’t really matter how it’s done, as long as the message gets across, I’m down for whatever.

I also do have a few projects I’m working on; details will be released soon so be sure to subscribe so you can stay updated!

In the meantime, browse through the site, then head over to Shea Butter Diaries to read some dope blog posts that will definitely motivate and inspire.