A little sneak peek…

Here is another excerpt from my upcoming fiction novel (click here to read the first excerpt):

I sighed heavily and flopped down on the bed. I ended up leaving most of my clothes at our old house. My mother had been having a long standing, long distance affair with a man that lived in Barbados.

She owned her own event planning business, and had to do a lot of traveling for destination weddings – in the beginning anyway. We haven’t pieced together an exact timeline, but on one of her many trips, she met this man, and they hit it off. She was spending all of our money flying to go see him, and also sending him money for his living expenses.

Because at one point her business was doing so well, my father never really started a career; he just worked odd jobs here and there. Somewhere along the way, my mother shared her banking information with this man, and next thing she knew, he had robbed her blind. She tried to hide it from us, but the bills kept piling up, and my dad went searching through letters to figure out exactly why things were spiralling out of control.

When he finally figured it out, he decided to leave my mother and found a small apartment for us to move into. He gave my sister and I the master bedroom, and he took the other room. He works two jobs now to make ends meet so that we’re able to go to school instead of working full time. As for my mom…I hate her. We were the perfect family, living in a perfect house, and she ruined it all.

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