My First Love

I sit here writing this in the dark from a rural community in Dominica (there is still no power after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc nearly 4 months ago).

You’re probably wondering how I’m posting this from my phone…there is a generator that’s turned on for a few hours every evening to charge electronics.

You’re probably also wondering what I’m doing in Dominica…I came to volunteer with children that have been affected by the devastating storm. But enough about that; I will go into further detail about my experience here on a later post.

Today’s post is dedicated to my first love: writing.

Let’s back track a little. Ever since I could remember, I’ve loved reading. Whether it was a newspaper article, a billboard sign at the bus stop, or closed captioning scrolling across the bottom of the tv, I would not avert my gaze until I had finished reading in entirety.

From this came my love for the art of words; the way a picture could be painted in ones mind from just some letters on a page…or the way learning could take place outside the confines of a classroom.

Somewhere along the way, my passion for writing died. Maybe it had something to do with my spirits being crushed by a high school English teacher- if you’re reading this, you know who you are…

Nevertheless, the love has been rekindled, and the flame is burning brighter than ever before. I’m happy we’ve reunited, and I can’t wait to show the world what we can accomplish together.

It’s true what they say about words being powerful; I’m a living testimony. And if you let me, you can be too.

Join me as I embark on this journey with my first true love. Who knows? You may be as lucky as I, and find love too.

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