Hair Journey

I cut off almost all of my hair last May.

May 2018

Natural hair; no relaxer, no straightener.

December 2018

Yes that is 6 months worth of growth and no I did not take any vitamins or pills.

I wish that’s what it was because then it would be a simple answer when I’m asked, “how did your hair grow?”

I’m going to list some things I did and products I used that I think contributed to the growth; hopefully it works for you too!

1. I changed my mindset: I believe this is the biggest contributor; I’ve been thinking and speaking positivity into my life which has led to less daily stress. I’ve been told that less stress hormones means the body can metabolize oils and proteins better.

2. Protective Styles: I’ve been mostly wearing my hair in braided styles, and when I wear wigs I always make sure to use a cap underneath and minimize the amount of glue/adhesive on my edges.

3. Moisturizing: Beginning right from wash day I make sure to keep my hair moisturized. Even before shampooing, I braid or twist my hair in sections and add conditioner. I wash out the conditioner with my hair still braided, and then shampoo. I condition again and at that point is when I undo the braids (I find this also helps with shrinkage).

I use a leave in conditioner and minimize my use of a blow dryer (or if I have time don’t blow dry at all). Again, I part my hair in sections to braid or twist (or cornrows, depending on the length of hair), and moisturize; after using the moisturizer, I also use jojoba oil to seal in the moisture before braiding or twisting. The very last step is to oil the scalp using the lines from each parted section.

This has pretty much been my regimen for the last 6 months. I’m excited to see how much more growth I’ll have in the next 6 months!

For a specific list of products I use, feel free to message me directly!

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