Review of Impressive Resort and Spa

Located directly on the beach, Impressive Resorts and Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic did not disappoint. The resort was completely renovated and reopened this past January.

I stayed in an upgraded Premium room, and it was worth it! The suite was spacious, included room service at no extra charge, and provided access to a very large pool that was for Premium guests only. There is also a separate buffet and bar in the lobby of the Premium reception area.

The spa is also worth experiencing; the fish pedicure is a must do! They eat away at the dead skin on your feet; it’s very ticklish but feels good at the same time!

They are getting ready to work!

The staff were very attentive, and more than happy to look after any needs and requests. The grounds of the resort itself is very beautiful; well manicured and spacious. The beach and ocean were clean, hardly any seaweed.

Interested in staying here on your next vacation? Contact me now!

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